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Differences between the current GOP and the rest of us

Rest of us: “The current GOP is in denial on science, the suffering of the poor, the Founding Fathers’ thoughts on religious pluralism, the effects of deregulation and many other things that can be defined objectively.”

Republicans: “You’re in denial that YOU’RE A SOCIALIST!”

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The GOP, at its core, is a religious organization, not a political one. It is digging in deeper on immigration reform, and marriage equality, and abortion. It is not acting as a rational actor in political competition but as a fundamentalist movement, gerrymandering its way to total resistance to modernity’s increasing diversity of views and beliefs. It is emphatically not a socially conservative force: it is a radical, fundamentalist movement, incapable of accepting any political settlement that does not comport with unchanging, eternal dicta. The GOP vs Social Conservatism « The Dish
Thursday, June 6, 2013
Before you argue that this infringes on our liberty, privacy, and free speech, consider the Boston Marathon bombing. The attackers were found and caught precisely because we submit to constant surveillance. A photo posted to social networks, combined with CCTV, mobile broadcast signals, and hordes of overnight activists allowed us to find two out of 600,000 people. (To be sure, this very same technology was also to blame for misreporting, possible libel, and potentially another death.) NSA/Verizon surveillance: You’re sharing your private data all the time. - Slate Magazine
Sunday, May 19, 2013



A system of ethics where the good is to be found in the minimization of everyone’s sense of futility.