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Republicans promote a semi-Burkean vision of America in which not everyone is equal, but all have an decent chance of rising to the top. The possibility of actually rising isn’t quite what it used to be. But that hasn’t much changed how Americans view themselves and their prospects. Nor has it undermined the gilded beauty of this view. The vision works a crowd much more effectively than a stern lecture on the unbridgeable divide between rich and poor.

Inequality and American optimism: Illusions of grandeur | The Economist

Seems like a nice way of saying we’re idiots.

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If I was 95% sure that my house was on fire, would I get out? Obviously I would. It is straightforward. Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away | World news | The Observer
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No, there hasn’t been any progress in reducing our long-term debt or our unfunded liabilities in entitlements. But when the GOP refuses to countenance any new revenues, I can’t blame the president. And to have reduced a budget deficit from 10 percent of GDP to just over 2 percent in the wake of a massive recession is something a Republican president would be bragging incessantly about.

Meep Meep Watch « The Dish

Andrew Sullivan may be a little more bullish on the Obama presidency than I am. At some point, his PR miscues become actual miscues. But he raises a few things worth considering here.

The Simpsons once joked about things being “solved” once they disappeared from media scrutiny. In the case of Obama issues, that seems to be true.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
They claim that “The Syrian dictator [used chemical weapons], and Mr Obama did nothing.” Nothing? So how is it that Syria has now peacefully relinquished almost all of its chemical stockpile? And wasn’t resolving that question – and not the broader problem of Syria’s sectarian implosion – the entire point of the threatened strike? Are we supposed to prefer an option that would have dragged the US into the Syrian vortex and not guaranteed any actual success to a policy that kept us out but largely solved the problem?

Letting Go Of Global Hegemony, Ctd « The Dish

In which Andrew Sullivan effectively tears apart the Economist editorial I linked a couple of posts ago.